Jan 7, 2019, a team of women and femme artists came together to create arts for the 2019 Women's March on Washington, D.C.. In 12 days, we created 27 banners, 23 laser-cut hands, 10 sculptures, 4 capes and hundreds of patches - non of which would have happened without our communities and volunteers. Stay tuned to learn more about how we engaged local communities in the process of art-making and how our identities and stories influenced the art we created. 
In the mean time... check out my DOPE teammates' work: 
Jen White-Johnson: https://jenwhitejohnson.com/
For 2020 Women's March, I was commissioned to create three posters on Reproductive Rights, Immigrant Rights and Climate Justice. These three posters were created as I meditated on the circle of life, the abundance of gifts we received from Mother Earth and from one another as resources to our livelihood. Knowing that these gifts manifest in our lives in different ways, as blessings and as privileges, knowing that these gifts are not for our possession, we are responsible for the multiplication of these presents of life. This would look like acts of nurturing: nurturing ourselves, nurturing our community, and nurturing the ground beneath us, the sky above us, and the air we breathe. This would look like honoring life: from the life of the grass we sit on, the rock on the side of the streets, to the life of our siblings, our neighbors, and the life of strangers. It takes self reflection, self awareness, acknowledgement of ego, detachment from ego, courage to act, bravery to speak, humility to acknowledge harm, and integrity to amend harms, as we move into the new decade and discover many more paths to our liberation.
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